Hillary Clinton N-word Dossier

A few short remarks:

1. If we have very strong evidence that a person has used anti-Semitic slurs, should we be more inclined to believe reports of that person using the N word? Yes, we should. This is not a legal case on trial in court; as individuals we judge information consciously or intuitively, and get a gut sense of how likely it is true, from "very unlikely" at one end of the spectrum to "virtually certain" at the other end. If there is rock solid evidence of a person being a bigot against Jews, it is natural and reasonable to at the very least, take a report of that person using the N word more seriously (as it turns out, not just one but multiple such reports exist about Hillary Clinton)

2. Is there very strong evidence of Hillary using an anti-Semitic slur? Yes, there is: not one witness, not two, but three, and it gets even stronger: not three separate incidents where there would be (in theory) a misunderstanding in each of them, but three people who simultaneously heart and reported hearing Hillary scream: "You fucking Jew bastard!" -- and these three people, to make the case even stronger -- were top aides of Bill Clinton's campaign! There's even evidence of the kind of knee-jerk loyalty that only a pro-Clinton person could say -- see the BBC video and summary page and the main page.

3. Given 1 and 2 above, there is every reason to take even one report of Hillary using the N word against African Americans, very seriously; more seriously than we would for same charges against others (where one should still investigate and give the accuser opportunity to make the case) but even more so about Hillary given this background. There turn out to be several such accusers bout her. I have not researched exhaustively. Here's what I found in the fall of 2016, summarizing now January 2017:

  • It's not just former lovers of Bill quoted in UK tabloids — multiple witnesses on regular use of the N-word by HillaryFourth person who witnessed anti-Semitism by Hillary (and Bill) but also N-word, Larry Patterson in a Guardian story a few days later:
    Larry Patterson, a former state trooper who was assigned to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton when Mr Clinton was governor of Arkansas, said: "I heard the first lady, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton both use anti-Semitic and racial slurs. The words - this is the verbiage they used - either Jew bastard or Jew boy or Jew MF [motherfucker].

    "Four, five, six times. I do not remember the exact amount of times that she used this kind of verbiage, but she certainly used it on a number of occasions. When she would be upset with some of the black leaders in the state or detractors of the governor she would use the N word.

    "If we could offer immunity, there would be 10 or 15 people that are still working Arkansas state policemen who heard statements like this being made by both Bill and Hillary Clinton. I'm retired, but what these people would want is some assurances that they would not, you know, be terminated from their employment." (2000 July UK Guardian)(See also The Blaze which cites Patterson as UK's Guardian did, "Larry Patterson said Hillary Clinton was no stranger to the N-word either. He said that he heard her use it many times" )


    Patterson stated that Bill and Hillary Clinton would frequently argue with each other using the worst expletives known to mankind, sometimes in the presence of their daughter Chelsea. Some of the anti-Semitic slurs with which she commonly laced her tirades against Bill were "Jew motherfucker," "Jew Boy" and "Jew Bastard." [NewsMax, 15 and 17 July 2000] page listing NewsMax etc

    This is relevant to Hillary's anti-Semitism, but is it relevant to her racism too? Very possibly. If you listen carefully to the BBC clip on HillaryAntisemitism.com about her screaming "You fucking Jew Bastard" at Paul Fray, he also makes a cryptic comment the reporter should have asked him to clear up by the reporter didn't. He said Hillary, "Called me everything but a White Man" when starting her tirade and then went for the jugular vein by calling him "you f---ing J*w Bas***d"

    So think about it: If Bill and Hillary (who are not Jewish) called ONE ANOTHER by the "Jew m*****f**ker" when screaming mad at each other, as in the above quote, then it makes sense for Hillary to use the N-word (or other racist term against African Americans) when starting her tirade against Paul Fray who isn't African American (but can be called N-word in their minds) just as the Clinton's aren't Jewish (but as testified about, did use anti-Semitic slurs against one another) In other words, sure sounds like both N-word and "Jew" were used both against Jews and African Americans, as well as against one another or anyone else (neither Jewish nor African American) as generic strong insults for the Clintons.

  • Dolly Kyle met Bill Clinton on a golf course in Hot Springs, Arkansas in the summer of 1959 when she was 11 years old and he was 12. Kyle began sleeping with Bill Clinton after high school and their affair didn't end until he moved to the White House [1992]. She heard Bill Clinton to use the phrase "G**damn n****r" how often? "Frequently." Kyle reports this and more in her book "Hillary, The Other Woman".link which has more about "business" not love based marriage and HRC's quest to herself become POTUS since back in the 70s and fanatical obsession with power.

    But what about Hillary? Found it! "Kyle claims that both Clintons called Reverend Jesse Jackson " that G**damned n****r" behind his back." Via Radar Online And wnd.com quotes Kyle not backing down in a TV interview with Hannity:

    Kyle said to Sean Hannity, "Watch the imperious way Hillary treats anyone beneath her, especially young black women."

    Hannity asked if Kyle was accusing the former first lady of racism. Kyle did not back down, repeating the charge and even saying the same could be true of the man she calls "Billy" Clinton.

    "I am absolutely suggesting she's racist" [and as noted earlier she says both Clintons used the N-word when angry at Jesse Jackson. I did not watch yet but the Hannity interview here is link from wnd. westernjournlism also cites Kyle as stating both Bill and Hillary Clinton using the N-word about Jesse Jackson & 'that Goddamned N****r'"

  • Chef Tracey Martin [his linkedin], who has provided chef services for Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy among others, and also for Hillary Clinton, as this photograph is a reminder of:

    As we summarize on this page of our LesserEvil2016.com website, he is very specific. It wasn't the 1970s or 1980s, it was at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on February 1, 1996.
    "It's an HIV and AIDS clinic," Martin said. "Hillary was hosting a tea party prior to a public appearance with Mrs. Chirac [wife of the former French president]. The Secret Service came through into a holding room where I was standing with Hillary, and at this point a tray of cookies hadn't come out yet. Eventually an African- American gentleman came through with the cookies, and something was wrong. When he left, Hillary said: "What's that n----r doing in here?" ..Martin continues: "I was shocked and totally surprised --but when you're working for the leader of the free world and in that company, you maintain your professional manner."
    Tracey Martin, a former travel chef who submitted to a polygraph examination [and passed it] to prove he is telling the truth. His shocking testimony include "personally hearing Hillary calling an African-American server the N-word at a fund-raising event on Feb. 1, 1996 -- because her food wasn't prepared quickly enough!" Martin took the polygraph on Oct. 25, 2016, a test conducted by certified examiner Michael Mancuso.
    According to Mancuso, "the subject was being truthful" when asked: "Did you witness Hillary Clinton refer to a black man as a n----r?" and "Did you witness Hillary Clinton refer to a black man as a 'n----r' while working at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center?"

    Mancuso -- a member of the American Polygraph Association --concluded: "It is the professional opinion of this examiner, based on the subject's reactions to the relevant test questions, that the subject was being truthful regarding the above-mentioned issues."

    Martin began working for the Clintons immediately after Bill's 1993 inauguration -- and said he dealt with "Hillary much more than Bill." "I thought -- and I hate to use the word -- she's bipolar," he said. "If it was an intimate setting with friends and family, then you saw the nice Hillary. Around the media, you saw the even nicer Hillary. But in a one-on- one situation, she's a nasty person." [Link to Chef Tracey Martin story here]

    More: http://www.hillaryantisemitism.com and http://www.lesserevil2016.com/