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Hillary Clinton shouts: "You FuckinJew Bastard!"
Three witnesses agree: Hillary said it!
All three pro-Clinton top aides ‐ 2 min BBC vid below (OR CLICK HERE)
If it were DT (or anyone else) there'd be 24/7 coverage
And would be considered Documented Fact. From UK's Guardian:
"Present [in the room] were Bill Clinton, his then-girlfriend Hillary, his campaign manager Paul Fray, and Mr Fray's wife, Mary Lee [with] Neill McDonald, a campaign worker, was just outside the room" and indicated that he too "heard everything."

All three agree (making it everyone present other than the Clintons themselves) all agree that Hillary shouted: "You Fucking Jew Bastard!" Not disgruntled, either: these are pro-Clinton people not only at time of Hillary's vicious ethnic bigoted slur, but were also pro-Clinton at the time they admitted she said it. One said: "I just remember that one little comment." Of course, there's absolutely nothing "little" about such a vicious ethnic and anti-Semitic slur; so anyone who admits the slur but instinctively refers to it as "little" is clearly a firmly pro-Clintons witness (most obviously and certainly not "anti") And yet even he agrees: Hillary said it making it 3 simultaneous witnesses and making it unanimous among everyone other than the Clintons themselves, among those five people present that night)

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    Watch shocking 2 minutes from BBC Documentary here:
    Backup copy on in case problems with copy from twitter is gone. If above from youtube doesn't play, go to vid directory and right-click to save roughly 2.5 MB sized .mp4 to your drive and then play on your device.

    In another article in UK's highly respected paper the Guardian, one of the three witnesses, all pro-Clinton campaign staff including top campaign aide (Manager) referred to Hillary's behavior, the context for Hillary's anti-Semitic slur, as Hillary behaving this way: it was a "very ugly night with a lot of screaming and yelling and screaming" (Mary Lee who heard exactly the same "You Fucking Jew Bastard!" from Hillary's mouth as the other two witnesses heard)

  • Clip from BBC Documentary:

    Three simultaneous witnesses agree: Hillary said it!
    All three pro-Clinton top aides
    If it were DT, would be 24/7 coverage
    And would be considered Documented Fact.

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    Hillary faces voters' wrath for alleged ethnic slur UK's Guardian. Buried in 10th paragraph, the meaning of "alleged" is that: five people were present, and every single one who wasn't named Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton (3 of the 5) agree, unanimously that Hillary shouted that vicious anti-Semitic slur, "F*cking Jew Bastard",

    And these are pro-Clinton allies, both at the time of the slur, and when making the charges (so pro-Clinton that one instinctively tried to diminish to minimize the inexcusable: admitting Hillary said it but referring to it as "that one little comment" when of course there nothing "little" about an ugly ethnic slur!)

    If it were any other candidate...

    with unanimous agreement by all witnesses
    other than the candidate and their spouse,
    and these were pro-candidate witnesses,
    what would you think? You'd mentally file it under:
    "it definitely happened! She definitely
    shouted that anti-Semitic slur!"

    → If this is how Hillary thinks about "partly Jewish" people (with a great-grandfather who was Jewish) what does she think about "fully" Jewish people?

    → If this is how Hillary uses bigoted ethnic slurs to lash out at people in front of them, what does she say (behind closed doors) and what slurs might be use, when the person isn't there?

    → If this is her vicious and bigoted attitude towards high-ranking aids and allies, what are her attitudes about Jews who are not allies, or are among the rest of the "unwashed masses" or both? In another article two days earlier see here and note typo about which of the relatives of Paul Fray — the subject of the anti-Semitic slur — is Jewish) We do learn in this other article about Hillary's "tantrum" and how she reacted to Bill Clinton losing an election:

    In an interview with the paper, the wife of the campaign aide Mary Lee Fray, remembers a 'very ugly night with a lot of screaming and yelling and screaming' over who was to blame for Bill Clinton's defeat.

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    What about racism?

    Why Hillary Clinton Doesnt Deserve the Black Vote
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    Hillary Clinton is not "only" an anti-Semitic bigot: Hillary is someone whose record shows she also: kicks minorities in the face with Mass Incarceration (largest ever increase, worse than Reagan/BushSr years, and her "bring them to heel..superpredators" comments) and her taking money from For-Profit Prisons Industry; slashing aid to women and children in 1990s and calling those women "Deadbeats" even in the 2000s; and bombing and killing brown skinned people in country after country, not just Iraq, with 100,000s dead bodies of innocent civilians in the war of lies she gave her vote and voice for;

    But also Hillary was strongest voice in Obama's Cabinet pushing hard for the Libya war catastrophe. Not talking about "Benghazi" here but about mass-slaughter of brown-skinned civilians in another "Regime Change" war for the Military Industrial Complex and for Geopolitical Empire.

    We got piles of corpses of dead women, children, innocent civilian Muslims (what's worse? A candidate who insults Muslims or immigrants or other non-whites, or one who slaughters them in country after country, after country?) what else did we get?

    We got a Failed State in Libya, including ISIS control over much of it. Just horrible for innocent civilian Muslims, for women, for children, for brown skinned people, the SAME GROUPS she and her hacks hypocritically love to say: "OMG! Trump insults! Am so offended! (but I'll go and impoverish and kill on massive scale people in those exact same groups!)"

  • New: It's not just former lovers of Bill quoted in UK tabloids — multiple witnesses onregular use of the N-word by HillaryFourth person who witnessed anti-Semitism by Hillary (and Bill) but also N-word, Larry Patterson in a UK Guardian story a few days later:
    Larry Patterson, a former state trooper who was assigned to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton when Mr Clinton was governor of Arkansas, said: "I heard the first lady, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton both use anti-semitic and racial slurs. The words - this is the verbiage they usedeither Jew bastard or Jew boy or Jew MF [motherfucker]."

    "Four, five, six times. I do not remember the exact amount of times that she used this kind of verbiage, but she certainly used it on a number of occasions. When she would be upset with some of the black leaders in the state or detractors of the governor she would use the N word."

    "If we could offer immunity, there would be 10 or 15 people that are still working Arkansas state policemen who heard statements like this being made by both Bill and Hillary Clinton. I'm retired, but what these people would want is some assurances that they would not, you know, be terminated from their employment." (2000 July UK Guardian) (See also here)

    New Yet another witness testifies to Hillary Clinton using the N-word, not some former lover of Bill Clinton, but a renouwned Chef who has worked for Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy among others — and Hillary's used of the racist slur not in 1970s in Arkansas as in other testimonies, but as FLOTUS, in the mid-1990s

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    → Expect Neocon Foreign Policy Nightmare if Hillary becomes president.

    More to come: Flip-flops, claims she's "against" disastrous TPP but has her delegates vote to block a no-TPP statement in Democratic Platform, her anti-climate anti-clean water pro-fracking positions in U.S. and 'selling' fracking around the whole world, and more.

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    10 Reasons Why No Sanders Supporter Should [EVER] Vote For Hillary Clinton page where you can download the the
    BBC video segment on Hillary's infamous "You Fucking Jew Bastard!"

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    Our website mentioned by Bernie or Bust co-founder Victor Tiffany (7:25 to 7:40 minutes into this video of his talk at major protest rally.

    The preceding was the 1970s..but in the mid 1980s Hillary was at it again. The Clintons hired political consultant Dick Morris, who is Jewish, for 20 years (1977-1997) but in 1984, this is how Hillary treated him as described in his book, and as noted in the Chicago Tribune: (Also racist Bill Clinton said to him "And Bill [Clinton] said, 'you know that we depend on you, you know that you're essential to us, and when you demand more money we have no alternative but to pay it, but, you know, don't go Mau Mau'ing me,' was how he put it, meaning 'threaten me', he was referring to a tribe in Kenya. And Hillary was getting madder and madder about this, and she blurted out, 'Money! That's all you people care about is money!' And I was rocked back. My back stiffened. And I said stiffly and angrily, I **assume** Hillary, by 'you people' you mean *political* *consultants*?' And she understood that I was catching her on her anti-Semitic remark. And she said 'oh, yes, yes, of course, of course, political consultant.'" as Morris stated in a video interview

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